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About Rainfine Irrigation Company
Founded in 2002, Rainfine Irrigation Company is a major manufacturer of center pivot irrigation systems and components in China. We also provide consultation services regarding water supply design, farm planning, and management. Working as an affiliate company of the top U.S. and European companies in center pivot irrigation systems, we have access to the most advanced technology in addition to experience in the manufacturing of complete center pivot irrigation systems. We can now produce 400 complete center pivot irrigation systems annually.

By taking advantage of China's lower labor cost, we are able to provide high quality irrigation machines and services at more affordable prices than our competitors. Our warehouse is located in the Dalian Free-Trade Zone in China, where we assemble control panels, sprinklers, regulators, tower boxes, gear motors, and gear boxes, which are imported from well-known companies in the U.S., and we use steel parts made in China, to lower our material and storage costs.

Main Business
Under the brand name RAINFINE, we now provide Rainfine water solution to help you establish the best water supply system, Rainfine irrigation solution to provide center pivot irrigation machines and relevant components, and Rainfine farm solution to maximize the yield production. In addition, we can also offer irrigation equipment design, installation and commissioning services.

In recent years, our business has expanded rapidly. By developing business affiliates, we have achieved high efficiency, and have gained new markets, mainly in African and Middle Eastern countries.

Why Center Pivot Irrigation Machine
Center pivot irrigation is a method of crop irrigation. It is also known as circle irrigation or central pivot irrigation. With this irrigation method, the equipment rotates on a central pivot, thus a circular area centered around the pivot is irrigated. By adjusting the speed of the system, our center pivot irrigation machine has the ability to control the output. This provides the operator with adjustability in using chemicals, in addition to the ability to vary the amount of water going to the crops.

Our center pivot irrigation machine is suitable for large, square, rectangular, or circular-shaped fields which are free of obstacles such as trees, fences, roads, power poles, and so on. Our center pivot irrigation machines can be used for nearly all irrigable soils and field crops, such as wheat, grain, pulses, vegetables, cotton, soy beans, teas, coffee beans, and other fodder crops.

If you are in need of irrigation equipment, we welcome you to contact us! By offering you excellent products and high quality service, Rainfine Irrigation Company is happy to help you find the center pivot irrigation system for you.